Friday, April 15, 2011

What would you do? BA v. GK

I played a game against a guy on vassal awhile back.  He was playing the new GK codex.  He was also playing a Terminator heavy list.  At the time, I was playing a BA Sanguinary list.  You can see our lists here.  At the bottom of turn 5 I found myself in this position. 

If you can't see, he has three units of terminators, the black ones are joined by a grandmaster while the blue ones are joined by a librarian.  I have a three man sanguinary guard squad by the central forest.  In the forest are two units of devestators with missiles launchers.  On the far right, I have a unit of sanguinary guard with a priest and Dante and a vanguard vet squad. 

So my question to you is this, what would you do?  I firmly held two objectives to his 1 and at the time, was hoping I could shoot away a terminator or two before jumping in and finishing off a unit or two.  Unfortunately, my missiles weren't penetrating his armor and he was so bunched up, I had no way of dealing with a unit without immediately being counter-assaulted by another.  Nonetheless, I thought I had this game firmly in hand, but his advance couldn't be stopped and in the end, we tied as he contested the center objective.  What would you have done with your two last turns (we played to 6) to pull out the win?

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