Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just do it yourself...

So, apparently, apothecary nartheciums are the gold standard in bits alongside cyclone missile launchers.  As a result, I can't get a cheap one anywhere. I can't even find a good deal on a cheap apothecary model.  Thus, I have the option of buying the sanguinary priest model on the GW site for $15, paying more than that for the nartecium via a bits store, or working on making my own.  I am going to go for the last option.  Ultimately, that means I need an arm that looks similar to the apothecary arm and then I need to add some of the extra bits and bobs to it like the saw and the industrial sized drill/needle attachment.  Enter my first attempt at a DiY narthecium:

As you can see, I am using a terminator stormbolter arm.  It is a bit bigger than a normal marine arm, but I think the heft of the narthecium merits a larger arm without seeming unreasonable. 
Here you see my attempts at creating some of the attachments.  I took a chainsword and shaved it down quite a bit to create the saw.  That was a fairly easy conversion.  Above it, you see the drill.  I took a small needle, cut it, and covered it in greenstuff.  I then incised spirals for the bit though I am not sure it looks done enough.

So, the initial step is done.  I need to clean it up and make any fine tuned additions and then this guy will be done. 

What do you folks think?  Does it look passable? Are there any really noticeable pieces that I am missing?  Any advice or criticism is welcome.

**Update: Here is a picture of the real narthecium for comparison.  I do notice that it has more gadgets.  Now that I look at it, mine doesn't look too bad, but the shoulder pad does look a bit bulky.


The Inner Geek said...

I like the conversion but I'm not sure I'm sold on the terminator arm. Definitely passable. Painted up the arm might not bother me so much?

Dave said...

Yeah, my intial thought was that it was a bit bulky. I am updating the post to show what the real narthecium looks like. I think the terminator arm could be trimmed down some to make it appear more appropriate. Take a look at the updated post to compare.

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