Monday, May 23, 2011

Making the Sanguinary Guard Competitive

I have been doing a lot of blog perusing and thinking about how to make the Sanguinary Guard army more competitive.  It really is a gimmick army.  It relies on a lot of luck and hitting hard and fast to win.  Well balanced armies eat it for lunch.  After reading a bit of Kirby's stuff on Blood Angels, I am convinced that I can use SG as a focus for my army while still maintaining balance.  I came across a blog called Terminus Est that many of you may have heard of.  The primary writer, Black Blow Fly, has done a lot of work in creating a DoA army and blogging about it and based on that, I think I have created an interesting army concept.  Let me know what you think.

Libby- shield, sword

3 Sanguinary Priests-2x jump packs with hand flamers

5 Sanguinary Guard- 2x infernus, powerfist
5 Sanguinary Guard- 2x infernus, powerfist
5 Sanguinary Guard- 2x infernus, powerfist
10 man Assault Squad- 2x meltaguns, powerfist
5 man Scouts Squad- 4x sniper rifles, missile launcher

Landspeeder- multi-melta/heavy flamer
Landspeeder- multi-melta/heavy flamer

5 Devestators- 4x missile launchers
5 Devestators- 4x missile launchers

So how does this differ from other lists I have come up with? 

1) No Mephiston.  The guy is great and a beast, but he has a 250pt. price tag.  That is two whole units!  I got both the scout squad and the assault squad for his price tag.

2) More scoring units.  This list now has 5 (or 6 if I combat squad) scoring units.  This relieves the presure on my Sanguinary Guard.  When they were taking on the role of hammer units and scoring troops, there was a lot of burden to play conservatively with them.  In this setup, they still have to be played with reasonably, but can now also be a bit more aggressive knowing that other units can fill in the gap for them in holding objectives. 

3) More ranged attack.  Adding snipers and another missile launcher can give me a bit more ranged damage output.  Even having the addition of 12" melta in the assault squad is nice.  I missed that a whole lot.

4) Different playstyle.  This setup allows me, as mentioned above, the ability to be more agressive with my sanguinary guard.  I also have a fairly resilient home base presence with devestators and scouts backed by a sanguinary priest.  Together they can pump out quite a few S5 I5 attacks if needed.   Also, my libby becomes a utility HQ instead of a beat stick.  His job is to help protect the army.  Since I have an assault squad that could benefit, I may even give him unleash rage for more combat punch. 

The bottom line is that I can afford to be more in-your-face with an army like this.  I like that. 

So, does anyone have any thoughts on this new list?  Does it look more competitive than my most recent build found here

Also, I am looking for decent tactics on scouts.  I haven't really ever used them before and want to know how best to work with them.  For this particular army, I think their current setup is good, though I have thought about making one of my speeders a storm and giving them a close combat focus.  If I did that, I could use it's mobility to put them where I wanted them before making runs on vehicles with it's melta, but I digress.  I primarily want them for a home base objective camper and the sniper/camo/missile setup seems to be the best way to do this.  So, if you have any useful links, let me have them.


DarthSion57 said...

Love the list my only question is why you would bring another assault squad instead of a tactical squad to hold objs. with. Although BAs love their troop choice assault squad i still thin there is a place where a tactical squad might preform better. Such as holding Objs. And I am aware that that is the purpose of the scouts if there is more then two objs on the board I beleive that a tactical squad could hold it better. Again I love the list and I'm considering trying it out with a few tweaks in an upcomming local tourney. Hope it plays well for you and gives you a great many victories for the EMPRAH!

Dave said...

Thanks for reading my article! I appreciate your comments.

In this list, the main reason I don't include a tac squad is simply because of the cost. 5 scouts with sniper rifles, missile launcher, and camo cloaks run half the cost of a tac squad, can camp the same home obective, have slightly better ranged capacity, and are more mobile (move through cover, infiltrate, scout) than tacs.

In this particular list, I mainly like the scouts for their cheap price tag. BA DoA lists are hard up for points. Everything costs a mint and you need it all.

My final thought is that you only need one more objective than your opponent to win a game. This army excels at getting into your opponent's face and contesting their objectives so you can hold your own. That's all you need for the win sometimes.

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