Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stickin' it to the Man and Growing Community

You know, the great thing about this GW price hike/finecast/EU embargo mess is that it's a blogger's dream.  It has gotten me thinking, though.  I have seen the Facebook pages.  I have read the blog author letters.  These are great things, but how do we stick it to the man while not coming across as a mob with torches and pitchforks or doing something illegal. 

I actually think there are ways to help players out in the hobby and build communities of gamers while still avoiding buying GW merchandise directly from a GW store, the site, or for full retail.  Here are my thoughts:

1) Buy elsewhere and patiently!  Ebay can be expensive, but if you are patient you can find plenty of good bargains.  Here in the US, we have Craigslist.  This is basically a nationwide want ad section from a newspaper and a great way to find good buys locally.  Finally, go to an online discount retailer here in the US while you still can!  Who knows what evil plots GW has for people like The War Store. 

2) Build in community events that allow players to play multiple armies.  Have an army swap night.  Bring a laptop with Army Builder or just a calculator and help a player create a decent army using your models.  I have always wondered what it would be like to play with a Nid list. How cool would it be to have a game night where my local group swaps models for the night and plays with a different list? 

3) As a community agree to cut back.  Play smaller games that require fewer models on a more regular basis.  In the US the tourney standard seems to be 2,000pt., but if a club decided to play 1,500pt. most of the time, newer players wouldn't have to collect as many models to get started. Another great answer to this is playing Spec Ops: Killzone from Galaxy in Flames' Big Jim.

4) Create a local swapshop/consignment selection.  My local store regularly does swap days where players bring excess models, bits, or other gaming memorabilia and trade and sell them.  The store also has a consignment section where members can sell models through the storefront for cash or in-store credit.  These are great ways to help out your store and get new models.

5) Getting into dangerous territory here.  As a club register a formal complaint against your local GW store by politely yet firmly telling them in written or verbal communication that your club won't purchase models or materials from them while these news issues are in effect. Then follow through with your boycott. Unfortunately, these guys aren't really in charge of the changes that affect us, but they are the face of GW to us locally.  Keep this in mind and try not to be a jerk to the reshirts as they are just 9-5ers like the rest of us. 

These are just a few ways that I can think of to stick it to GW right now and most of them are easy to do and actually promote the local gaming community in the process. Ultimately, how we affect GW in all of this is how we act in the meantime.  Actions must be effective yet respectful.  Just like the initial market plunge in 2008 when gas prices soared, people took definitive action by not driving.  When pumps weren't being used on a wide scale, prices fell.  Determined, effective action will affect the bottom line and that will cause change. Until then, enjoy the hobby with the stuff you have and the people you enjoy hanging out with.

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