Friday, May 20, 2011

Still thinking

I hate being pigeon-holed into doing anything.  It goes against my very stubborn nature.  So, I hate the fact that I can't find any good looking alternative paint schemes for my Sanguinary Guard.  Thus, far I have thought about doing an Angels Sanguine army due to the fact that I like the half and half look or a Lamenters army due to the coolness that is a yellow army. 

Unfortunately, this gets me nowhere.  I have thought about the following: Should I do an Angels Sanguine army, I could make my SG the half and half black/red and then make some nice wings to make them stand out.  This also ties in with just about all of the models I have already painted.

Second, I have thought about creating silver SG instead of gold.  Silver just looks less gaudy and can be offset with white helmets or even yellow if I choose to do Lamenters. 

All this to say, I may just bite the bullet and paint them gold, but it would be a very muted, dirty bronze color instead. 

I have gone ahead and put together a test model for the army.  I am currently trying to work out which scheme would look good.  We will just have to see.  Does anyone have additional input? 

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