Thursday, June 30, 2011

Huzzah Again!

I have been a very fortunate blogger to get mentions from the more popular blogs out there.  This week I got a nod from House of Paincakes in their User Content Wednesday post which you can see here. I am thankful for the publicity as it has helped me to realize the unfolding mission of Gone to Ground. 

When I started this blog it was kind of my sounding board for anything Warhammer 40k related.  As time has gone on, it has grown and developed into something totally different.  I do add a sprinkling of hobby information (stay tuned for an article on DiY shoulder pad icons using greenstuff) and blog about my own armies and endeavors, but shout-outs like this and an upcoming 11th company podcast interview make it clear that my true calling for Gone to Ground is helping newer players develop into experienced players.  Helping them to see that individuality is a good thing in the hobby. 

The ongoing debate out there in the blogosphere right now (and I suspect for awhile now) has been about netlist, lack of originality, and pigeon-holing armies and players in the name of competitive play.  I want my readers to understand that they don't have to take optimal armies to be good players.  They don't have to choose one of 2-3 armies to be good.  They can pick what they want, paint it how they want, and then learn the rules and play hard and do well.  So often, I think we develop a gap between the "celebrities" of the hobby and the common man gamer.  We develop this idea of these great Dalai Lamas of Warhammer 40k who are the founts of knowledge.  We go to them for advice when what we really need are fellow hobbyists in the trenches with us as we slog through learning the game, winning, losing, and having fun.  That is what I hope my blog can be for people.  I want them to see an approachable source of information from a fellow gamer who isn't the penultimate player, but rather a normal guy like they are who makes blunders and has questions as well. 

So HoP, thanks for the shout-out.  I hope to keep plugging away at this blog and slogging alongside all of the great gamers out there who read this.  Thanks for making it possible. 


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Anonymous said...

Not entire true...

I got into the hobby about a year and a half ago and started with Thousand Sons themed CSM army. I loved the way they looked and the fluff the most and strove to make them competitive.

Problem was, after about a year of testing and about 50 different lists... the simple fact is, they just cannon compete in a tournament setting.

Sure they are a good fight in a pick up game... but that isn't competitive gaming.

I counter you by saying... yes there are only a few armies with a few builds that can stand up to a competitive environment. The rest can sadly do their best but will not be able to win with anything other than pure luck (and bad luck for your enemy).

Dave said...

I'm not speaking against your thoughts. Unfortunately GW makes some armies that are inherently not going to do well in the current overall metagame. I am merely mentioning that a player can be a good player despite their army, whether competitive or not.

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