Sunday, July 3, 2011

What are You Working On?

So, I decided to take a few pictures of things I am currently working on.  I have a Slaanesh daemon army that I am currently doing as a commission.  You can see some of those models on my overly crowded painting table. 

I am currently working on 6 fiends of slaanesh.  They are coming along well and I hope to be done with them today.
This scandalous little model is a Gamezone Fiendish Offspring Banner.  Check out some of their other very high detailed minis. 
Finally, I recently got a box of Death Company with some birthday money.  I am going to use these sweet looking models for my Vanguard Veteran squad.  I figure the Sanguinary Guard generally cross over better to Honor Guard, so Death Company would be a good fit for Vanguard. 

That's it from my workstation.  Post a comment and either post a link to pictures or just tell me what you are working on.  I would love to hear. 


AbusePuppy said...

What's your feeling on Gamezone? Can't say I've really heard of them before. That's a neat little piece, if a little... risque, as you point out. Not something I think I'd drag around in front of a bunch of folks I don't know, but...

The DC kit is a real beauty, like a lot of the recent stuff it comes with about a million little bitz and is a joy to put together compared to a lot of the older ones.

I'm neck-deep in Blood Angels and Tyranids myself right about now, desperately trying to rebuild my nine(!) Carnifexes for 'Ard Boyz while simultaneously adding a final Tervigon to my collection and finishing all the trimming/cleaning work for the jumpers/Terminator army I've had in the works for a while here.

eriochrome said...

Project 1: Staining my deck. It is currently to darn hot so I will get back to it this evening.

Project 2: Finishing my basement, that 1K of wood and materials are not going to put themselves together.

Not much gaming time for me right now.

Dave said...

AbusePuppy. I woud love to see some pictures of your army. To answer your question, I like Gamezone. They have some sweet, albeit sometimes scandalous minis. Luckily this one isn't mine and I don't have to worry about throwing it onto a table and worrying about young or offended watchers. Their stuff is meant to shadow GW's range and they only make lightly veiled attempts at covering that up (i.e. slightly different unit names). Otherwise, I think the quality and detail of their minis is pretty good.

So, keep the comments coming. I like to know that I am not the only person spending inordinant amounts of time on little plastic people.

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