Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Vindicare Assassins just got alot worse

...to play against, that is!

Was perusing the GW FAQ for the main rules and saw this little tidbit.

Q: How does Rending work if you get to roll multiple

dice for the Armour Penetration roll? (p31)

A: The player gets to add a D3 to the total for each
dice that comes up with a 6.

Combined with the Vindicare's exitus weaponry and the turbo-penetrator round, this means that you can add a possible maximum of 4D3 to your shot (granted that is if you roll all 6s). 

So let's look at the averages really quick.  An exitus is a sniper weapon so counts as S3 and rending for armor penetration. A vindicare is BS8, so will hit almost all the time.  He then counts as S3+4D6+ a possible D3 for each six he rolls. 

Bog standard averages say that he will roll 14 on four dice (two 3's and two 4's) + the S3.  So, the rending really isn't even needed.  However, you stand a 16% chance of rolling at least one 6 and a 2% chance of getting 2 6's.  If you were to roll three 1's and a single 6, you could still pen AV14 if you rolled a 5 or 6 for the rend.  Though it seems remote that you would roll multiple 6's, this guy is going to almost always penetrate armor, even AV14.  Combine that with AP1 and he is very reliable at blowing up mech of any sort. 

Though he weighs in at 145pt, this model can do quite a bit of damage with a fairly strong statistical chance of blowing up a vehicle a turn, including AV14.  I think the price tag is warranted.  Provided with cover, this guy becomes an absolute nightmare to deal with. 

Just an interesting thought there.

By the way, there are updated FAQs on GW's site.  Check them out here: GW FAQs.


Atreides said...

wait what? you said they got worse and then tell us how awesome they are??

Dave said...

Good eye there. Fixed the post. I was thinking about the fact that they got worse to play against, but I am going on very little sleep with the new baby. You can see the update that you (yes you!) prompted. Thanks for spotting that.

AbusePuppy said...

S3 is irrelevant for the penetration- the Turbo-Penetrator's rules say that it "rolls 4d6 for penetration"- not 4d6 + Str, or an extra 3d6, like other weapons that get additional penetration dice.

He is reasonably effective against vehicles (somewhat better than 50% chance to penetrate AV14), but one should be careful of using him against them, as you have plenty of other AT tools in your arsenal, but no other way to snipe out characters/heavy weapons/etc. He is a specialist and should be used as such.

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