Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On the Workbench this week

One really neat thing about being off of work for the summer (teacher here) and having a baby that necessitates staying around the house is that I am getting a lot of time in front of my painting table.  As such, I have quite a few things going on right now. 

Awhile back, I posted here that I had a commission from my FLGS's owner.  He is attempting to put together an all Slaanesh daemon army that can be played both in 40k and Fantasy.  As such I have been working on his daemonettes.  Here is a picture of the lovely ladies.

I still have 2 more units of 20 to paint up before I am done with this initial commission.  I believe that I will have some additional models to paint for this army before all is said and done. 

I also posted a few weeks back, here, that I received a well magnetized Dreadknight model to paint.  This has been a fun model to paint.  He is super well modeled and the weapon are just cool.  So, here is my take on a Nemesis Dreadknight. 
Kitted out with both a psycannon and a incinerator.  These are both magnetized at both the forearms and to the pistons on top.

Here you can see him with his daemonhammer. 
Another view.  You can see his shoulder shield.  That was done freehand and is a fairly common Grey Knight motif.
Here is a picture of a freehand inquisition symbol.  I got the basic idea for this from the GW site.  The white greave with the red stripe was taken completely from the picture found in the product information site. 
Finally, the big, bad sword. I love the greatsword.  I know that it isn't cost effective, but man, it looks good. 

Onto my own personal projects.  I am currently putting together my Sanguinary Guard army and have decided to make the bases rocky.  This is a simple effect to pull off and I hope to have a tutorial up soon.  Not only is it easy, but it is also super cheap!  Stay tuned for that article.

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