Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Model for Sanguinary Guard

I have found a day or two in between some commission work that i have to work on a few models of my own, so I thought it would be prudent to start nailing down a color scheme for my Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard army. I finally decided on an Angels Sanguine color scheme.  I really like the halved color scheme with red and black.  So, I decided to start with a Sanguinary Priest.  Here is my first model. 

As you can see, I kitbashed the model using a Black Templar tabard front, with a regular marine, a Sanguinary Guard jump pack, and the Apothecary arm.  All in all, I think he turned out well. 
You can see him standing on one of my Rock Bases on the Cheap.  This basing scheme is really going to give my models some "height", making them feel like they just hit the ground from a jump.
I decided to make the jump pack's engines ignite with blue heating.  I think it helps balance out the red in the model. 
I also took shoulder pads from the Sanguinary Guard sprue to finish this guy out.  He is suitably blinged, I believe.

Next up is my first Sanguinary Guard model.  I am running him as a tester.  I am actually thinking about doing black Sanguinary Guard.  Instead of gold armor, they will have black armor with white helmets.  In my head it looks cool.  I will hopefully get the model done tonight and tomorrow and be able to report on whether or not this particular scheme works.  Stay tuned for that.


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