Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sanguinary Guard- A Different Look

So, if you have read my stuff, especially here, you know that I like to do things alternate to the norm.  The same holds true with my current army.  I don't like the idea of golden Sanguinary Guard. The problem was, it seemed like it was the only color scheme that worked.  Well, I alluded to the fact that I was going to experiment with something different in my last post, here

That "something different" worked, in my opinion, and I wanted to share it here with you good folks.  Also, at the end, I will share with you all my ideas on overall army color scheme.  So, it should be fun. 

Without further ado, my black Sanguinary Guard.

Here he is in all of his glory.  I have to admit that when I first started, I didn't think the black armor would work, but when I began to add details, it really started to come together.  There is also just enough red in the model to make him cover together with the rest of the army.  Take a look below for a side by side comparison with my Sanguinary Priest model. 

This is my first true attempt at the coruscating energy power weapon look.  While not totally smooth, I think it looks great at arm's length (i.e. on the tabletop) and will really make my Sanguinary Guard stand out.  You can also see how the red in the model really balances out the blue of the blade and warms up the black armor.

Speaking of which, do you like that awesome rock back that he is jumping off of?  You do?!  Use my simple tutorial for Rock Bases on the Cheap to achieve the same result! (shameless plug, I know.)

Another cool, dramatic pose as he launches from the rock into the enemy.

Here is a comparison picture of how this model looks with a model sporting the Angels Sanguine color scheme.  I think they really blend well.  There is enough black in the Angels Sanguine scheme to allow the Sanguinary Guard to be all black and look good as part of the army.  (Yes, I know that Angels Sanguine paint their SG armor white, but I don't care.) 

So, as far as army color goes, it will be Angels Sanguine colors meaning half red (on the right) and half black (on the left).  Helmets will be colored various colors to differentiate squads.  Any members of the Sanguinary orders will have white helmets as pictured above.  Normal grunts like devs and assault marines will have yellow helmets.  My Vanguard Vets will have gold helmets. 

I am leaning towards painting Dante in the black color scheme as well. I think that would look really cool.  I was thinking about make the face of his deathmask white with veins of green or blue through it like it was made of marble.  We will have to experiment.  My libby is going to be more traditional with blue armor and blood angels accents.  The jump chaplain will be a normal chaplain in black armor as well. 

So there's the scheme.  It took a long time in coming, but I think it is going to look pretty slick.  As a matter of fact, it has really got my excited about painting this army now.  I am also thinking about how I could make a nice looking display board for the army, but that is months off.  Heck, Blood Angels might have a new codex by the time that happens. 

I am keen to see what people think about the color scheme.  Please leave comments and criticism.  I don't mind either as long as you are nice. 

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Student Teacher said...

I think the black looks excellent. I am looking forward to seeing Dante done up in black as well!

The Inner Geek said...

I agree that the black armor looks nice. What really is wowing me though is the wings. How did you paint those?

Dave said...

They actually almost paint themselves. I really like the color gradation from a bluish hue to white that is portrayed on the GW site, so I cooked up my own recipe to achieve that. It's a bit darker than the GW version. I started by using GW foudation Fenris grey. From there I used a highlight of GW foudation Astronomican grey. Finally, I used multiple coats of pure white as I got closer to the tips of the "feathers". I too was surprised at how striking they looked. They give off a nice effect from tabletop view as well.

Fuzzbuket said...

fantastic basing, great painting and a awsome idea! cant wait to see what this turns out like! :)


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