Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wacky Warhammer Gifts!!

No, I'm not giving away anything...yet.  I just wanted to tell a little story about how I immortalized my dad in 40k plastic.  The new boy was born this June and so Father's day for our dads was pretty lame as we were a bit occupied.  Thus, I decided to paint up a mini for my dad as kind of a tribute to how cool he is.  Currently, my dad is a minister and a college professor of Christian Studies.  Both very laudable professions.  Thus, I undertook a small conversion/painting project to capture his essence in a mini.  Below are the pictures and descriptions:

Here he is.  A couple things here.  My dad is a big fan of the gospel of Mark from the Bible, so that is what the model is carrying.  If you look closely it even says Mark in my terrible, shaky fine detail brushwork. He is also bald like my dad and wearing kind of a royal blue armor with gold trim.  These are the school colors of my dad's college.
 Here you see his Ph.D. shoulder pad.  Kind of funny.
The shield is actually a Warhammer Fantasy Empire State troop shield, but the cross and laurel leaves are just really neat looking and make a great combat shield or storm shield. I added a helmeted head by simply cutting off the neck joint and gluing it in place. It really brings some character to a model with a bare head.
Here you see him carrying a torch.  A bit symbolic of his job.  I got it from an Empire Flagellant.  He is also carrying the really cool sheathed sword/combat blade from the plastic marine scout sprue.  This guy fights close in with power sword and shield.  Finally, his shoulder pad has his school's initials on it. 

I put the model on one of my last Dragon Forge resin bases.  They really do make the model look a bit more put together.  So, there is my quirky little gift. 

Here's my question.  Have you ever used Warhammer as a gift or tribute for someone who doesn't have anything to do with the hobby?  My dad knows a bit about the game from me, but doesn't know how to play and isn't interested in it at all, but he thought this mini was cool.  So, tell your Warhammer gift giving stories!  I am anxious to hear.  I especially want to know if anyone has ever painted and gifted a model for a girlfriend.  That strikes me as hilarious.  Anyway, get cracking and don't forget my poll! There is only one day left!

Other models on Dragon Forge bases:
What a difference a base can make thing

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Brninghalo said...

The only thing I would disagree with is the term wacky for this gift.

Your father is obviously very important to you and that you took your time to craft something to demonstrate your feelings about your father is the best gift you can give.

Excellent work on the mini!!


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