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Alrighty folks.  I have decided what I want to do.  I have alluded to giving away a model that I have painted in some sort of fun way in the near future.  If you have been keeping up, I am working on converting a lone wolf model with a storm shield and a chainfist.  You can see my initial posts here and here.  Well, he is coming along well.  I have gotten most of the painting done.  There are a few things that I need to finish up, though most of them are just visual effects.  Here are the pics of his current condition.

So, you can see that I am sticking with the typical Space Wolf color scheme. 
There is just something about the caution stripes that always gets me.  I love to include them where possible and what better place to go than on the housing of a chainfist!
You can probably see by now that I am trying out some battle damage/wear and tear effects with this model. So far they look okay.
I also love the interplay of red and yellow in the Space Wolf color scheme, so I couldn't hold back on the storm shield. 

There he stands as of right now.  At this point, I need to add a few more wear effects.  I want to stain up his cloak and loincloth, add mud to his feet and legs, and possibly add a bit more battle damage.  Then he will be ready to march his way into a lucky reader's army!

I mentioned above that I figured out what to do, but I am not quite ready to divulge the terms of my first ever giveaway.  Suffice it to say that it is fairly easy, but not a cakewalk. As soon as Skeld (sounds wolf-ish enough) is ready the contest begins!


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