Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Next Top Model....

...Yeah not that in any way, shape, or form. I hate reality tv and that show is no exception. 

That said, I am currently working on my last Codex Review: Space Wolves article on heavy slots.  It should be ready tonight or tomorrow. 

So, this week, I am still working on the Warriors of Chaos army I showed in my Basic Basing Principals article the other day.  It is coming along, but I still have something like 75 models to go.  That said, all of that painting of some really sweet models got me thinking about models that I dream about being able to paint and I came up with my top three models that I would love to paint.  They are in no particular order:

First shown are Eldar/Deldar Harlequins.  I love these models.  These were some of the front runners of what are now a cornucopia of dynamic looking models in GW's ranges.  These really resonate with me as they are the 40k version of Fantasy Wood Elf Wardancers which I have always loved (played Wood Elves for a short time).  Not pictured here is one of my favorite, the Shadowseer.  It is a fantastic sculpt.  Anyway, the dynamic poses are just one cool thing about these models.  I love the character they have and the wonderful color schemes they bring to the table.  Excellent models!

Next I have the Nurgle Daemon Prince model.  This dude is truly imposing.  I know he is super expensive compared to the new DPs, but he looks great. I love the sword.  That flat, broad blade reminds me a bit of Cloud's buster sword.  This is a sweet model, indeed.
Finally, being a Fantasy Dark Elf player for the entirety of my Warhammer career, I also have a soft spot for Deldar.  That said, I absolutely love the new Incubi models.  They are super sweet.  The glaives are awesome looking and their armor is super sleek.  Everything about them says, "I own." 

Those are the top three models that I would love to paint if I could get my hands on them.  Right now, none of them fit my armies, so I will have to wait, but hopefully a good ebay auction or bartertown ad will float by and I will pick some up. 

What models do you wish you could paint? Let me know by commenting.  Perhaps leave a link to a picture in your comment.  Maybe you have already painted your favorite model.  Let me know.  Thanks.

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