Friday, September 23, 2011

Painting for Tournaments: The 'Dex

As promised, I have finally put together a quick index of my Painting for Tournaments article series.  I have also added a link to my archives page, so when this post is sent into obscurity months from now, you can easily find things there.

The goal of the Painting for Tournaments series is to help players get an army painted to solid quality that will get them good solid soft scores in a tournament setting.  Tournaments can go from giving soft scores lots of weight to keeping it totally separate from your overall score to just letting paint be judged by your peers in the form of a player's choice award.  Whatever the case may be, putting a good looking army on the playing table isn't as daunting a task as it may seem. That's the point of this series.  Each article seeks to break down the process into manageable portions and gives simple ideas for making a solid looking army.

Painting for Tournaments, Part 1: How Not to Paint

Painting for Tournaments, Part 2: Basic Basing Principles

Basic Basing Addendum

Paint for Tournaments, Part 3: Starting from the Ground Up

Painting for Tournaments, Part 4: Painting the Darn Minis

Painting for Tournaments: A Lesson from our Friend Henry Ford

Painting for Tournaments, Part 6: Displays

Painting for Tournaments: Putting it all together.

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