Saturday, October 15, 2011

GtG Community Spotlight: The Dark Templar

This week's GtG Community Spotlight comes a bit later than usual, but showcases and exceptional blog.  This week, I took a look at The Dark Templar. The Dark Templar (author) hails from Kent, UK.  Dark Templar states that his blog is, "A blog about wargaming and me."

And let me tell you, he has some wonderful projects going on.  If you visit his site, you will notice right away that he has some sweet projects going on.  On the right side toolbar he has a collection of projects he is working on (Malifaux, Blood Angels, Iron Warriors, Dark Templars, and Green Stuffing).  Each showcases a collection of his project logs.  I especially like his Dark Templars project and his DiY Tycho

Let it be said as well, that Dark Templar's greenstuffing skills are quite good.  He definitely puts my paltry efforts to shame.  His greenstuffing article on making cloaks is excellent.

Bottomline: I won't hold his being from across the pond against him.  Dark Templar's blog is excellent and shows a lot of thought and originality.  If you like 40k or Malifaux, check him out.

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1 comment:

The Dark Templar said...

Thanks for the shout out and the kind words!!

I have to admit my DT project has gone awry recently with me discovering Malifaux, although my recent adventures in resin casting will be invaluable when I return to it.

Keep watching as there is more great stuff to come (I have now actually finished building Avatar Sonnia Criid!).

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