Friday, November 4, 2011

GtG Community Spotlight: A Bunch of Tactical Whatevers

I'm back with another community spotlight post.  This week we have a cool blog from a great hobbyist in the form of A Bunch of Tactical Whatevers by Wartales.    His tagline is:
"A blog dedicated to the Warhammer 40.000 and Warhammer Fantasy."

The funny thing about the blog is that is very little in regards to actual "tactical whatevers". The blog consists primarily of hobby posts.  However, those hobby posts are stinking awesome.  Wartales has some truly great work on his blog, though his approach to his hobby is something akin a hyperactive child's attention span after Halloween night.

He jumps from one great project to the next and it would seem that he has quite a few interests when it comes to 40k and Fantasy. 

His blue themed Tau look really slick. This crisis suit is really clean. His Blood Angel Angels Sanguine army is also sweet.  Check out the death company model in the post linked.  It's also a great example of a well painted power weapon.  Wartales is also painting an impressive collection of Grey Knight models including a large squad of paladins you can see in the post linked. Finally, a hobbyist after my own heart, he has a good collection of Fantasy Dark Elf posts (which happen to be my Fantasy army as well). 
You will notice in several of the posts, his excellent examples of power weapons.  It would appear that Wartales follows a similar approach to my power weapon method and they look amazing!  Peruse some of his other posts too to get a full scope of what he can do with a power sword blade. 

The bottomline: You will not have wasted your time by going through A Bunch of Tactical Whatevers.  There are a ton of great painting and hobby examples and there is definitely some great information on painting to be had.  Check this blog out. 

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The Antipope said...

Great post. I did a spotlight on this blog a while back because it's also one of my favourites and it definitely deserves more followers and readers.

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