Sunday, December 11, 2011

G-dubbin' it Throwback Style

Yeah, so the title is ridiculously stupid.  I know it.  Yesterday, it occurred to me that I have a long dormant Steam account.  Thus, I logged onto Steam's site and dowloaded their client.  Why?  It occurred to me that I had purchased all of the original Dawn of War (DoW, Winter Assault, and Dark Crusade) games quite awhile back and I was looking for some computerized action!


What a fun game!  Sure, it isn't really 40k, but it is fun nonetheless.  I enjoy this episode of the DoW series the most (haven't tried DoW 2 or any of it's expansions) because it is run like an old school map campaign.  You also have the ability to play with some 7 of the 40k armies and the number of playable models in the game is much better than the previous versions.  I hadn't played in awhile and was super excited to see that as a marine player you can enlist the aid of a single unit of Grey Knights for your army!  Of course, they kick butt! 

It's also funny that I haven't played this game since before I started 40k, some 2 years ago.  Now when I play, I am constantly creating squads and tanks and building them out based on my preferences in actual 40k.  I am a bit bummed that assault terminators can't have lightning claws and that you can't get more of the variety of heavy weapons in marines squads, but I love the ability to take 5 plasmaguns (that don't overheat!) in a single squad of marines once all of the upgrades are completed.

So, if you haven't ever given these games a chance, please do.  While they aren't the exact playstyle of the actual game, they are super fun and a quick way to get in some 40k related bliss.  They are also rather cheap to come by and have fairly decent graphics which look good even on today's mediocre machines (like mine). 

On another note, how does DoW II compare to these games?  Is it an improvement?  I have heard both positive and negative reviews.  I am anxious to hear from some people who have played it.

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The Inner Geek said...

I like DOW II, but I like DOW I a LOT more. DOW II is more of a squad based game, you may only have half a dozen squads under your control. I like the scale of DOW I much much more. Just my opinion.

Lantz said...

Dark Crusade is one of my favorite games/expansions. I only get to play 40k maybe once a week; DOW is the closest to the tabletop I can get without actually being at the tabletop.

DOW:DC is my favorite due to getting Necrons. I also tend to run thing I like running on the tabletop. Though now, a lot of stuff just doesn't exist lol

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