Thursday, January 19, 2012

Silly Synergies

So, the big word in Warmachine appears to me to be synergy.  Remember folks, I'm a newb to Warmachine and thus writing from that perspective.  I am not new to wargaming, though, and can spot strong synergies and pairings pretty well. 

Today, I wanted to take a look at pEiryss.  Eiryss is a merc solo that really adds synergy to an army.  I particularly like how well she works with some Menoth casters.  The ability I want to focus on is her disruptor bolt.  How huge is being able to take away focus for a turn?  Huge. In Warmachine, that ability alone would be enough to screw up an opponent's chances for a win, but when combined with other abilities a list can bring, it can grind an entire army to a halt.

I want to list a few synergies I have found for Eiryss from the Menoth faction.  Pardon me if my limited knowledge comes to some wrong conclusions, but I think she presents some really interesting opportunities for Menoth armies.

Example 1- Disruptor Bolt with Menoth's Wrath.  pKreoss makes the pain of the disruptor bolt go army wide.  What happens when you lose all of your focus for a turn AND everything in your army gets knocked down?  A seriously painful turn.  Being able to cancel out a player's ability to shake knockdowns means that jack's will be forfeiting either their movement or action in the next turn to get up on their own.  Ultimately, this synergy buys you two turns in which to kill the enemy warcaster, the turn the bolt is shot and the following turn when everything is trying to get up with no focus support.

Obvious counters to this would be spells/effects/models that prevent knockdown.  You also need to be careful about ranged jacks as they can use their movement to get up and still fire weapons, though they won't be able to boost without focus. You also have to be an ace at getting Eiryss into position without getting her killed.  I'm sure most players have a solution for her.

Example 2- Disruptor Bolt with Divine Might.  Another combination with a feat.  pSeverius' feat Divine Might causes a warcaster to not be able to generate focus while in his control zone during the next turn.  Granted this is much trickier to pull off, but if a player can hit a caster with a disruption bolt followed by the next turn getting pSevvy into position for his feat, you can go two turns without your opponent generating any focus which will severely hamper their efforts.  Granted, this can be countered by some strong movement by your opponent, but doesn't rely as much on situational effects like pKreoss' feat does with knockdown.

Anyway, I'm sure these are pretty elementary combos and hopefully I understand them correctly, but they seem like they can really make it a pain for your opponent if they are pulled off correctly. 

So, I leave you with a question.  In line with nasty combos, using the Harbinger and Avatar of Menoth, could I feasibly pop Harby's feat and then position and cast Gaze of Menoth with the Avatar in such a way to force models to move closer to the Harby on their way towards the Avatar and thus be affected by her feat? Sounds kind of nasty.

If you have any cool pEiryss synergies, let me know.  Like I said, shared information about various setups is what really aids a player, so feel free to share.  Thanks.

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Dave said...

So, I had a reader try to post a really significant, and in my opinion, helpful post, but couldn't get it past my verification for some stupid reason. Thanks google. Here it is as posted by Went Aqwer.

The big issue with Eiryss1 or -2 is committing too early. I can't count the number of times I've AoE'd her out before she was able to do anything worth three points except stripping a Spell (Eiryss2) and soaking up a ranged attack or two. The small base, Technoligical Interference, and Steath seem to lead people leave her in strange and exposed positions. She's a mid-game piece unless it's really great exchange to lose her turn two due to retailation.

The Harbringer/Avatar bit is spot on standard. I never enter a tournement without at least one list having a Pyre Troll for Fire Immunity use against Menoth and Legion. There is just that much Fire in both those factions.

As an aside Disruption from Eiryss1's Disruptor Bolt has no effect on the Avatar of Menoth as it never gets Focus allocated to it. There are a few warjacks with similar advantage.

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