Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crazy "Third Party" Miniatures

Most of my commission work comes from friends, acquaintances, and word of mouth advertising.  That said, I have a gaming buddy, a die-hard Warhammer Fantasy player who loves to use what I call "third party" minis.  These are the small start up companies that produce gaming miniatures (some of which are blatant ripoffs of the big names.  See this post for an example) that you sometimes randomly find advertised on forums or blogs.  That said, I have been working off and on for a while now on my buddy's Beastman army.  It is coming along, but he was having issues because until very, very recently, like as in a week or two ago, GW didn't have models for the units he wanted, so he bought a bunch of third party figures to fill out his ranks.  That is what this round of commission consisted mainly of.  These guys are going to be stand in gorgons and jabberslythes, I think. 

This guy strikes me as a bit too comical, but I've found that if you add enough blood splatters to something, it starts to look grim and disturbing.
I added the space marine to give you some idea of the scale of these two guys.  They are both similarly tall.
Gotta love the pig he's holding.  Pure win there.

My buddy also wants to try out some razorgors, but the things are ghastly expensive.  Enter the pretty cool looking Ogre Kingdom thundertusk models.  I like these and they are fairly easy to make look good.  It just takes a while to paint each tuft of fur individually.....
Double Trouble.
I used Gryphonne Sepia wash on all of the bone materials and it really yielded a nice look.  The same goes for the two big guys.
I paint the fur on these guys very similarly to how I painted the wings on my Sanguinary Guard models.  It just looks really striking in person.  I love it.

That updates this particular round of commission work.  My next job is a smattering of everything; Hell Dorado, Malifaux, Gamezone, and Warmaster.

I'll be sure to show those models off as soon as they are done as some of them look really, really cool.

Other cool commissions I have been able to do:
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