Friday, February 17, 2012

Conversions and Warmachine

If you follow my blog, it's obvious by now that I am a commission painter. I also convert models, especially my own.  However, when I get into a new gaming system, I am tentative.  Being new to Warmachine, I am a bit edgy about performing in big-time conversions, but at the same time, I want to add a bit of character to my armies.

The crux of the matter is that I don't know how significant things like weapon swaps are in this game.  In my experience with GW games, conversions aren't too big a deal if they reasonably approximate what they are representing, i.e. a bolt pistol shouldn't be counted as a meltagun. 

So, here's the idea.  As part of my eKreoss Tier 4 army I need to add Fire of Salvation.  Well, I have a few issues: 1) The model is like $50 NiB!  I don't like that at all.  It is just a Crusader heavy variant, and I was able to purchase a Crusade for $12.  2) The mace that Fire of Salvation carries isn't all that flashy.  I have ordered Scourge of Heresy's sword as it looks more Exemplar themed and will use it and perhaps greenstuff some flames onto it.

Is this acceptable?  Even though Fire of Salvation carries a mace, there aren't any qualities given to maces specifically, so should modelling a sword matter?  Veteran Warmahorders, what say you?  Please leave me some feedback and let me know.  Thanks.

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Skanderbeg said...

I think primarily conversions are up to the TO, but officially the weapons have to be identifiable as that is what is the primary identifier of the model in question for opponents. Don't quote me on that however. I was wondering if it was okay to make a nomad or mangler using a freebooter or mariner chassis. I have not yet as I'm unsure how well it would go over.

Dave said...

Thanks for the comment. Having to check with a TO seems a bit contentious, only in that I don't want to have to buy two models to reresent one, the converted one and the real one, just to please various TOs.

From my perspective, I wouldn't have a problem with a converted model if a) the base model was similiar and b) my opponent was clear with what the model was and had its card on hand to explain.

For example, I wouldn't accept someone trying to use a revenger in the place of a guardian, but since Fire of Salvation and a Crusader are the same chassis, and as long as the two models looked distinguishable, I think it's cool.

Again, thanks for the input.

Skanderbeg said...

I totally agree. I dislike the reckoner and castigator chassis for instance and the only solution I can see is using their arms on a plastic crusader chassis. It might help btw if you paint the name of the model on the front base edge. i have two chargers turned hunters I have done that for. No one has seemed to mind so far.

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