Sunday, February 5, 2012

eKreoss, Menoth's Beatstick Warcaster

Apparently, in the timeline of Warmachine, High Exemplar Kreoss got bigger shoulderpads and a promotion to Grand Exemplar, eKreoss.  With the promotion came a change from a utility caster to a beatstick. 

Now usually when you hear the term beatstick used, you think of a true animal, a model possessing especially destructive capacity.  eKreoss' def and arm aren't all that great though.  His MAT is average as well. What makes him a standout is his feat.  On the turn he feats, every friendly model in his control area gets an extra attack AND every enemy model in his control range is automatically hit.  This means that on the turn that eKreoss feats, his army turns into a hurricane of destruction and just about anything it hits will die.  Combined with some additional abilities that benefit them, eKreoss is made for an exemplar horde.  And I. Am. Excited.

I've been doing a lot of research on eKreoss and from all perspectives, he appears to be a fairly lackluster caster, but his feat and his pretty sweet weapon + piercing attack can make him an absolute terror in the right situations, able to pull off an assassination on his own, especially against models with medium or large bases. 

But what excites me is an army comprised almost exclusively of exemplar models who, on eKreoss' feat turn dish out bucket loads of P+S + 3D6 and 4D6 attacks.  Awesome.  Imagine your opponents' faces when those waves of exemplars crash into their lines with the ability to even destroy heavies with contemptuous ease. 

It's with this idea that I have begun my mission to build a Tier 4 eKreoss list.  Here's what I'm thinking:

eKreoss +6
- Fire of Salvation -9
- Reckoner -8
- Vanquisher -8

5 Bastions -8
Max Errants + UA -10
Knights Exemplar -5
Knights Exemplar -5
Knight Exemplar Seneschal -3
Knight Exemplar Seneschal -Free

Bearing no illusions that all of my models will make it across the board and into melee, but if they did, on eKreoss' feat, I would have 64 weapon master attacks that autohit.  The object would be to use the seneschals to smite models away from charge lanes and hopefully allow Kreoss to assassinate with a full complement of focus, sealing the deal.

This army also packs a lot of models and could possibly pack more should the Vanquisher not work out.  I have even thought about losing him for a Crusader to add more beating to the list. 

I do hope to do a Warcaster study on eKreoss soon.  I also have finished the painting, but not basing my choir, so I will post them up as well.  Be looking for those.

For those more experienced players out there, what do you think of eKreoss, especially from an opponent's perspective? I'm anxious to hear the opinions of others on the man with the shoulderpads.

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