Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making Money off of those Miniatures: Local Gaming Stores

After the beginning of a busy week, I'm back for my final article in the Making Money off of those Miniatures Series.  In my past two articles I talked about how to make money on Ebay and how to use barter sites like Bartertown

Today, I'm leaving the interwebs to talk about how you can get good cash for your minis in the real world.  We are going to talk about using your local gaming store (LGS) as a means of selling your models.

Before we dive in too deep, I want to let everyone know that operating in a manner without the consent or knowledge of your LGS owner is not advised and pretty shady.  Don't do it.  What I'm going to propose is that you work with your LGS owner to make it possible for players to resale models, unless they already have a means of doing so. 

The first method I want to talk about is setting up a consignment display or section in the store.  Many stores actually already have these.  Just ask the owner.  Generally, what happens is you hand over your models and set your price.  The store then displays and sells the minis either for cash or store credit.  What I've seen happen normally is that if you want your cash, you get a percentage of the overall take, something like 80%-90%.  The rest goes to your store for helping with the promotional and sales aspects of the whole deal.  In the case of store credit, many stores will give you the whole 100% of the sale because you are turning around and putting that money back into the store.  So, if you are looking to get rid of minis for the purpose of buying new ones, this is probably the best bet for you.  You get max revenue while also being able to support your LGS AND get the new stuff you want.  Win-win. 

If your store doesn't have a consignment section, a well-planned, easy upkeep plan like the one mentioned above would probably get your LGS owner on board and participating in a heartbeat. 

My second method for getting rid of and obtaining new minis is to have a swap shop event.  GW used to do these, but has since stopped.  Basically, this is just a day where players of all sorts can bring their unneeded/unwanted minis, games, cards, etc. and try to get cash or trades for them.  This is a great idea as it is usually a one-off event and isn't too intensive for an LGS owner.  It also helps new customers meet and get involved with other players.  Finally, it's a great place to look for the stuff you want at reduced prices.  You can't beat that.  The biggest need will be space.  Players will need table space to set up their stuff to show. 

Using your LGS is a great way to get the stuff you need and it supports your local gaming community which is a big deal.  If you don't have an LGS near you, you can testify to suckage that is not having a store near you.  It makes gaming a lot harder as it is harder to find people to hang out with and play games with.  So, support your LGS and make some money/get new models at the same time.

That wraps this article series up.  In other news, most of my collecting for my Menoth army is almost done.  Just a few more things to get and then paint, paint, paint.  Look for more pictures coming soon.

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