Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fire of Salvation Conversion, Building Complete

Last week I wrote a post about the the difference in converting Privateer Press models and other gaming miniatures.  In the past, I have done extensive conversions in my Warhammer Fantasy and 40k armies.  However, I have been really interested to find out that converting models for Warmahordes isn't necessarily look upon as good.  This kind of boggles my mind. 

It all stems from the fact that I want to create a Tier 4 eKreoss list.  eKreoss can put out an insanely wicked beatdown when coupling his feat with a ton of Exemplar weaponmaster attacks.  That said, to attain Tier 4, I need the Fire of Salvation heavy warjack.  Unfortunately, Fire of Salvation costs like $52 retail.  So, I have decided to convert up my own.  Fire of Salvation is based on the Crusader chassis, so I think it should be fairly easy to convert.  I even scored a classic Crusader for $12.  In fact, I decided to go a step further and convert the Fire's weapon using the sword from Scourge of Heresy.  The sword gives a more exemplar feel to the jack. Furthermore, if you look at Fire's card, there is nothing special about his weapon except it's ability to give the fire continuous effect. So, here is what I came up with.

So, as you can see. Here he is. You can see his sword complete with flames.  I also made my own back banners for him.  They add a bit more dynamism to the model.
Here's a side view.  Again you can see the flames on the sword blade and the back banners.  The spears come from a GW Warriors of Chaos Marauder Horsemen sprue.  You can also see that I added some extra armor plates to the backs of Fire's hands.  On each is a single greenstuff spike. 
The rear view.  You can see a greenstuff parchment on his right arm.
And the left.  Here you can see an added embellishment to one of the back banners.  I will probably paint it gold.
Here is a closeup of the filler around the menofix.  I tried to replicate it from a picture of Fire. 
So, after posting my conversion article and talking to some other players, I decided that I needed an out should a TO want my Fire's weaponry to look right.  Thus, I broke out the pin vice and drilled out the hand so that I can swap weapons.  For most games, I will shoot for using the sword as it fits the exemplar theme.  Otherwise, I can swap the weapons out for the mace for pickier TOs.
Another view of the mace.  You can see the flames a bit better here.  I think I might need to beef them up a bit.

So, there you have it. Does this look like a suitable Fire of Salvation?  I plan on painting it as it looks in all of the official Privateer Press pics.  Anyway, after seeing the model with the sword, would you allow it?  Do you think it would it be contentious with a TO?  It is obviously not a Crusader and also not Scourge of Heresy, so I thought it would pass well.  Thoughts?

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1 comment:

Dave said...

Sweet Conversion.

I might add one or two more flames on the lower part of the mace. Other than that, looks great!


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