Friday, May 25, 2012

Flexibility, One of your Best Allies

Hey folks.  It's been awhile.  Real life has definitely taken a priority lately and between responsibilities and other work opportunities, I haven't have much time to paint or play. 

However, business took me to my LGS tonight and I got a chance to play a small, 15pt. game against a Trollblood player. I was able to do a pretty good job smashing my opponent and easily took Madrak down with an elementary pop and drop using a pKreoss list. 

The game changer for me was a simple inclusion.  A min choir.  At 15 points, I had pKreoss, a Crusader, Reckoner, Repenter, and a min choir.  I was pretty stacked, but the thing that won me the game was the choir's ability to bring me some flexibility.  From turn one, my opponent had no answer to the Hymn of Passage, giving my 'jack wall immunity to mundane ranged weaponry.  His impalers couldn't do much of anything to me.  Then when the time came, the choir was able to shift gears and give my 'jacks bonuses to attack and damage with the Hymn of Battle. 

Towards the end, pKreoss simply had to use purification to nullify surefoot and pop his feat.  This allowed my reckoner and crusader to trample over his beasts and into range to pound madrak into the ground. 

Nothing overly tactical happened to give me the win.  I wasn't operating on some higher strategic plane than my opponent.  I simply had more flexibility.  The choir won the game for me. 

Flexibility is a huge necessity.  It allows you to change gears and apply different threats to a situation where you normally wouldn't.  Menoth has quite a few models that can add layers of flexibility to your army.  This makes the army seriously dangerous if well played.  It also allows a relatively small number of models to handle a wide variety of situations.  Flexibility is a must.  How are you adding it to your armies?  What models allow your army to take on a variety of situations? 

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