Thursday, October 7, 2010

Drop pods...the Dreadnought limousine

I have decided that my ironclad are just too easy to avoid in the current build of my army, so I need to get them across the board quickly.  Thus, it would follow that I need some drop pods.  The issue is that the skinny GW ones are $33 and they look far too narrow to fit a dreadnought in.  Forgeworld makes a dread specific pod, but it comes out to a whopping $87 US and from what I hear, Forgeworld takes its time with delivery.  So, being the ingenius person I am, I have stolen someone else's idea.

Over at Santa Cruz Warhammer, they have come up with a design template to create your own dreadnought drop pod.  It is fairly simple and requires very few expensive materials....Materials I just happen to have laying around.  So, here is the link to the specific blog: Cheap drop pods that don't suck.

Since I have time and all of the materials, I have decided to make a few.  I have one that I made awhile back when I was playing my Black Templars more regularly.  So, it will remain, but will perhaps get a new paint job.  I needed two more, so they are now in the process of being built.  Here they are:

This means that, currently, I have three pods to play with, though should I ever take the army to a tournament, I would most certainly need to finish them up. 

This is a great how-to and really easy to make and it is fairly up to scale.  The dread could easily fit into this model.  Here is a size comparison shot.
Special thanks to Santa Cruz Warhammer, mostly because they don't know I am pimping their design on my blog. Thanks for putting the thought and effort into your design guys. And thanks to the readers out there for reading this.

Please, feel free to comment.  I would love to hear what you think.

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Unknown said...

Have any plans that can be printed so I can make some?

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