Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hobby update

I got in some more IG autocannons from the heavy weapon team kit.  They look like this:

I have found that if you cut off the post that connects the gun to its tripod stand, you can easily glue together two of the guns to create a quick and fairly easy TL autocannon arm for a dreanought.  Here are my dreads sporting their new gear.

And from the side.

I did add a small piece of plasticard to the connection point to make it look a bit smoother.  I also had to fill the gaps with some greenstuff.  The main work came from having to rearrange the ammo cannisters so that they both lined up on the same side. This took a quick slice of my hobby knife and some super glue.  Altogether, a pretty easy conversion and I figure it saved me a bundle over the 12pound price that forgeworld charges. 


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