Sunday, October 31, 2010

Puppy Pics

As I promised, I finally got a second lamp out and took some halfway decent pics.  The theme for my army was to take the Black Templar theme and modify it to look a bit more unique.  Since my army is based on a marshal/castellan who has fallen from grace with the High Marshal and been asked to bring a planet in compliance with minimal support and personnel, I figured a unique, semi-rebellious theme would fit.  So, the models have Black Templar iconography, but every unit is unique.  The models aren't fully black, but a combination of red and black to kind of gives them a stand alone feel.  Anyway, here we go.
So first we have a grey hunter squad in front of a razorback.  The Wolf Guard is the model wearing the tabard.  The second pic is the same squad but in front of a different lasback.

Here are my pride, my joy, my thunder"hoof" cav.  Yeah, kind of cheesy, but I had the Bretonnian horses laying around and didn't want to pony up tons of dough on wolf models.  This also fits my theme as my army is supposed to be templars and knights ride horses.  What you see is three models, one with thunderhammer, one with wolf claw, and one with ccw.  All have storm shields using Warriors of Chaos shields.

Here is one of my wolf scouts squads.  Again, they are led by a Wolf Guard model.  Both the Wolf Guard and meltagunner have hand sculpted meltas.  Yeah I suck at sculpting green stuff.

This guy is my rune priest.  He came together one night when a crazy idea came to me.  It all centered around a Warriors of Chaos back and cloak.  After lots of cutting and kitbashing, I have a guy who is huge.  He stands on terminator legs with a space marine torso.  He still counts as wearing power armor.  I am proud of him.  I should have gotten a back shot as well.

Here is a long fang squad.  They have a Wolf Guard terminator with them carrying a cyclone launcher.  You will notice two types of missile launcher here.  So what do you do when missile launchers are hard to come by and bits suppliers charge an arm and a leg?  I am glad you asked.  I used HK missile launchers from the rhino sprue.  I had tons of these. I was able to put together 12 long fangs and only 4 of those models have real space marine missile launchers. The other 8 have HK missile launchers.  It works and it is cheap and easy.  I simply cut off the plasma pistol on the arms that are extended and then glued the HK launcher to the arm.  Easy. 

Well I hope you like my models.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Thanks!

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1 comment:

SAJ said...

Just learned of your site through Fritz. Great models, man! I really like the color combo and placement. It's also nice to see paint variation between vehicles.
Cool idea for the army, I look forward to seeing more.

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