Monday, March 7, 2011

Finding What you Need

As a commission painter/converter, I find increased importance in being able to find the pieces/models I need for cheap prices.  This helps me to have a low operating budget while being able to still create quality work.  The place I turn is to Bartertown. Many of you may be aware of Bartertown and some may not.  It is a web forum set up solely for the purpose of linking people to buy, sell, and trade wargaming related stuff.  The great thing about this is that I can be as specific as a certain model or bit and advertize it on Bartertown and more often than not, I will receive multiple replies within a day.  You are then free to negotiate prices and shipping options. 

To police the system, they have a good/bad reference system as well a a deadbeat forum for reporting people who take models or money and run.  All-in-all though, Bartertown has provided me with a ton of great experiences and has more often than not allowed me to get my GW products for as cheap as 50% off retail and in some cases even deeper discounts. 

If you are an aspiring modeler/converter/painter or just someone trying to break in to the hobby, I recommend you get over to batertown and take a look around. 

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