Sunday, April 24, 2011

Large And In Charge

I have an ongoing commission job with a friend painting his WFB Beastman army.  The cool thing about this friend is that he doesn't mind going outside of GW's model range for his models.  Because of this, I was able to paint two very cool models that were sculpted by independent groups (i.e. non-GW).  The first will serve as his Chaos Giant and man this thing huge.  Check out the first picture that has a space marine standing in front to give an idea of scale. 

They grow 'em big where this guy comes from.

You can see a few details of the basing here.  On the front, there is a horse skeleton laying partially covered by the rock.  You can see it in the first picture. 

This model will serve as one of the plethora of other monstrous creatures that Beastmen can bring, but that don't have an official model.  The big issue with this guy was his fur.  He is covered in fur and the fur is very fine grained, if that makes sense.  Thus, it made painting individual swathes of fur next to impossible.  Thus, I did some layered drybrushing that involved using overhead light sourcing to lighten the fur to make it look a bit nicer than a single drybrush over a basecoat would look. 
I painted the mane red highlighting up to orange to match the loin cloth and break up the gray fur.  Ultimately this guy is a snazzy model and was pretty fun to paint. 

So, while not exactly 40k, that is what I have been up to for the past couple of weeks in regards to the hobby.  The Blood Angel Sanguinary list is still being collected.  I hope to convert, to some extent, every model, so am still ebaying and rummaging through bartertown for pieces. 

I hope you liked the pictures.  Watch for the next installment of the Black Templar Codex Review, coming soon. 

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