Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As many of you know, storms ripped through the midwest and Texas last night and are continuing to sweep through the country.  So, not a lot of sleep was had last night.  Coupled with having to deal with 80 elementary students means I am running on fumes. 

However, don't fear. I do have a post for you.  I need your help, in fact.  I am looking for a reference.  It was brought up in a discussion about who is a better HQ choice for BA Dante or Ashtorath (I hate these types of posts by the way).  What drew my attention, though, was the discussion of how reliable Dante's hit-and-run rule was.  The main crux of the argument came from whether or not you can use Dante's initiative or the majority initiative.  I was under the impression that you took the majority initiative and apply that for the entire squad. Others said you use Dante's initiative.  People kept citing a rule in the BRB, but no could come up with said rule's location in the BRB.  So, loyal followers and readers, can I get some hard evidence on whose initiative is used with the Dante's hit-and-run rule?  If you have BRB justification, you have to cite its location.  Thanks.

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