Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thought Provoking Tuesday

This week's TPT is shorter than normal, but the articles and reading are no less thought provoking.  I Hope you enjoy them. 

GT Win...My Colonial Wrap Up by Dameon Green- What can I say, I am a sucker for well written tournament reports.  Dameon has written a more indepth report early for his Colonial win, but I like this in particular as he summarizes his list, his opponents' lists and the main points.  On top of this, he links another tournament report he did early.  Lots of good tactical insight to be had here check it out.

How To: Blend Highlighting- It isn't odd to see a good painting tutorial out there, but from Kirby??  I'm just joking.  Apparently, he is a true renaissance man.  Not only does he give great tactical advice, but he isn't too shabby as a painter. Check out this tutorial on an easy way to help your models stand out on the tabletop.

Thank You GW for getting rid of metal by Jawaballs.  Jawaballs writes from an interesting perspective on the anticipation of the new GW resin models.  It brings up a lot of interesting points that are in favor of the new resin finecast models.  Take a look.

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