Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thought Provoking Tuesday

This week will start with a look at some of the, now, more fleshed out articles about Grey Knights. 

Our #1 and #2 both come from Kirby as he is just writing the most meaty stuff on GK right now. 

1) Army Comparison: Blood Angel Jumpers and Grey Knights- Kirby serves up a great article comparing two armies that are seen as effective and how they compare, the Blood Angel Jumper list and its variants and Grey Knights. 

2) Armies in 5th: Grey Knights Part 2: Nemesis Force Weapons- Kirby switches gears from psycannons and psybolt ammo to the Nemesis force weapon.  He goes in depth as to why GK are still not a combat army despite these wonderful toys. 

#3 and #4 show two sides to a debate/discussion/whatever that has been occurring all over the interwebs of late, optimization of army lists.

3) Tactica: Redundancy vs Utility- Spaguatyrine takes an interesting look at redundancy and I think he hits on something important about the true meaning of it. 

4) Repetition and Redundancy- Brother Loring proposes further clarification and a response to Spaguatyrine's artcle.  I think these two articles along with a few others are quickly becoming a foundation that could shift the focus of the 40k community and how it educates new players.  Exciting stuff!

5) With all of the weighty material presented above, I have found it is nice to end with something hobby related.  Thus, we have Ron's most recent review Secret Weapon washes: a critical review. He takes a look at Secret Weapon's series of washes and compares them to GW's standard and also shows how they can be used.  Man this guy is terribly patient in putting together his posts.  You could probably learn a thing or two just by taking a look at his posting structure. 

That's it, I hope your brain is weightier than it was before.

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