Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blood Angel Librarian Complete

The juices have still been flowing for my Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard army, so I decided to pick up my Librarian model and work on him.  He is a complete kitbash with me even making his psychic hood from a shoulderpad.  He has parts from an assault marine, the AOBR captain, a Sanguinary Guard head, book from a High Sorcerer, and Dante's original jump pack.  I am fairly please with how he turned out.  Let's take a look shall we.

I really like the aggressive manner that the assault marine legs give him.  He looks like he is launching off of a rock to pummel someone.  You can also see the High Elf book he is toting.  That is my tongue in cheek reference to his being a Librarian. 
I feel that I am really starting to get a handle on painting power weapons.  I will attempt to do a tutorial sometime soon.  I also like the look of the glaive.  It's a bit different from the other weapons you normally see on Librarians.  I made this from the AOBR captain's sword and a piece of brass rod. 
 Dante's backpack.  It just helps tie in the Blood Angels theme. 
The other side.  You can see a shoulder pad that I made using Instant Mold.  The stuff is pretty neat. The shoulder pad didn't come out perfectly, but it's passable. 

The blue turned out a bit more teal, but I think he looks decently.  Next, I hope to finish off my very first full squad of Sanguinary Guard.  It should be fun. 

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Fuzzbuket said...

and by the god-emperor.....READ MY BOOK!

-libby whatisname

seriously very nice mini and conversion!

Ehrenfried said...


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