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Thinking about Njal

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So, I do my fair share of keeping up with the latest and greatest interweb goings on when it comes to 40k.  I like to know what is happening in the world at large despite not actually getting to go to tournaments, etc.  That said, I have read the Nova battle reports, I have heard everyone's musings, and I know the Grey Knights are the new hottness, for the time being.  This has caused me to wonder how to best set up my Space Wolves for success.  It really does seem like taking a solid form of psychic defense can cause headaches for the Grey Knights.  Not being able to get off hammerhand makes their units far less scary.  Force weapons having to wound on a 4+ aren't nearly as bad as those wounding on 3+ and daemonhammers don't scare thunderwolves as much when they aren't S10.  A solid psychic defense also make vehicles more vunerable as all of a sudden fortitude isn't going off as often. 

As I have wondered on this, an idea has come to mind.  Njal!  Granted the man is super expensive, but he gives me 2 psychic powers a turn, a straight up 3+ to cancel opponent psychic powers, and he has the Lord of the Tempests rule which is really like a third psychic power that gets stronger the longer the game goes on.  Njal costs two regular rune priests, I thought to myself, that's two living lightnings a turn as opposed to Njal.  However, I think the key to Njal is how he can create a strong no psychic zone and the threat of Lord of Tempests is also pretty great. 

To that end, I have come up with the following list:


5 Wolf Scouts- meltagun, WG with combi-melta/powerfist
5 Wolf Guard- 1x combi-melta/powerfist, 4x bolt pistol/power weapon

8 Grey Hunters- meltagun, power weapon, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard, WG w/power weapon, rhino
9 Grey Hunters- meltagun, power weapon, wolf standard, WG w/power weapon, rhino
5 Grey Hunters- meltagun, WG w/power weapon, las/plas razorback
5 Grey Hunters- meltagun, WG w/power weapon, las/plas razorback

2x Thunderwolves- powerfist, storm shield
2x Thunderwolves- powerfist, storm shield

5 Long Fangs- 4x missiles, TL las razorback
5 Long Fangs- 4x missiles, TL las razorback
5 Long Fangs- 4x missiles

I feel like this list gives me an appropriate vanguard of units consisting of the two rhino squads and the thunderwolves. There job is to get Njal close for Lord of Tempests to do its worst.  Then I have 4 heavy weapons platforms on vehicles and 12 missiles to help control opponents' mech and can event use them to threaten hordes (12 frag templates).  This list really isn't anything new or exciting but I feel like it is a way to incorporate Njal for his stellar psychic defense which could be a real boon against Grey Knights. 

What do you think?  Does it have what it takes?  What would it suffer against?  Don't think just about Grey Knights, but other armies as well. I would love to receive some input.  Thanks.

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Scrap Square said...

Like the list!
What's the point level?
I'm running something akin to this, more rune priests though!

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