Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lord of the Thunderhooves

If you have seen any of my Templar Wolves pictures, you know that I have foregone thunderwolf cav for a more theme-y "thunderhoof" cav.  What better way for templar-ish space marines to ride around than to do so on genetically/cybernetically enhances horses, right? 

Since my commission jobs have been piled high and deep for the summer, I have realized that it may be some time before I get my Blood Angels finished.  As a result, a week or two ago I decided to play a game with my Wolves on Vassal.  You can read that report here: Space Wolf Razorspam vs. Horde Orks- a Vassal Report.

That really got my creative juices flowing and I decided to create my counts-as thunderwolf lord.  I don't have a name for him, but the Lord of the Thunderhooves is definitely going to be his title.  I found an interesting model lying around.  It is a reaper miniature called Barros and Tempest. The mode is pretty sweet altogether, but the pegasus is what really drew me in.  First, the model is massive. It really fits the proportion of a genetically engineered horse that a space marine might ride.  Second, the sculpt is beautiful.  With that mentioned, my thunderhoof lord began.  Here he is, very much WiP. 

Notice the scale.  The horse is simply a monster!  I had to cut and resculpt the hooves to make him look like he was rearing up instead of flying, and had to cover the shoulder joints where the wings joined. 
Here is a front view of my LotT.  I came across a new Fantasy Marauder Cav head that looked great for the part.  I really like the braided beard.  Both of his arms are magnetized and I will continue to provide various loadouts for him such as a bolt pistol, thunder hammer, frost weapon, etc.  Right now, though I really like the wolf claw/storm shield/saga of the warrior born setup for extra infantry killy.  The horse's mane does make him look a bit emo, but I will forgive that. 
On his back is the cloak of a Fantasy Warrior of Chaos.  I still have some greenstuffing to do on the underside of the it. By the way, the legs are made from terminator legs.  He has a power armor torso and arms.  I'm not sure where the lightning claw came from but it is a power armor claw and is smaller than the terminator ones.  The storm shield is a cleaned up Fantasy Warriors of Chaos shield.  That miniature range is really great for making a gritty warrior look. 
Here is his power pack.  It looks a bit hokey on top of the cloak, but I couldn't figure out a smooth look for it under the cloak.  I think I am going to need to do some greenstuffing to add cables and hoses to attach it to his armor to make it look more believeable. 
And here is the size comparison.  It's my hope that his scale will make it evident that he is a Wolf Lord and not just cav.  The Cav on the left is actually quite big in it's own right, so you can imagine how much more epic this dude looks. 
And here is a front view.  Notice that these two guys are quite similar.  The cav model on the left was my first thunderhoof cav model to make. 

So, there you have my Lord of the Thunderhooves.  Let me know what you think of him.  I hopefully will have some paint applied shortly.

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Warflake said...

Great idea on the horse man. Definitely looks badass. Great looking mini

Bryce963 said...

OK, yours look a lot better than mine.

Lord Rao said...

Very nice posing and overall look.
I would try to get the cloak closer to the shoulders, though. Now the backpack just sticks out too far imho.

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