Friday, December 30, 2011

What next?

Well Christmas has been kind to my spontaneous desire to begin Warmachine.  I have been able to paint pKreoss and pSeverius as well as a Crusader heavy 'jack thus far.  I also have managed to use some Christmas present funds to secure a Vassal of Menoth, 6 Temple Flameguard, and a Vanquisher.  That is besides the other two 'jacks I have, a Repenter and a Revenger.  What I'm seeing as of the moment is that I like the idea of a possible ranged assassination using my 'jacks' ranged attacks.  This combined with pKreoss' feat knocking all models down in his control area means I could possibly have 2-3 'jacks firing at a DEF 5 warcaster.  This leads me to think about what I want to accomplish with my next few purchases.  The first and most obvious would be a Choir of Menoth.  Apparently, you just can't leave home without them and their buffs are pretty stinking amazing for our 'jacks.  If you can hit their hymns in the right turn with 'jacks positioned in correct positions, you can level a terribly devestating turn. 

I also want to fill out the flameguard unit to 10 men and a UA.  That would give any of my casters a decent defensive net to cast from behind.  From there things get a bit murky.  I really like the idea of a 'jack heavy list and as I said, I like the idea of several ranged 'jacks being able to exploit openings and shoot out casters from my opponents' armies.  That said, I really like the idea of getting a Reckoner next.  However, I don't have a lot of heavy armor punching ability, so I have also thought about getting the Avatar of Menoth.  Being self sufficient in regards to focus and having a real beatstick in his sword means that he can be paired with the Crusader for some nasty anti-jack ability.

Suffice it to say, I am at quite a crossroads as to where I want to go next.  Do I go with more ranged attack to fill out my options for a 35pt list?  Do I get more heavy jack killing ability?  Do I say screw it to both of those ideas and go ahead and try to fill out my infantry more with perhaps a unit of Exemplar Errants? I know that pKreoss really favors and Exemplar horde, but I love the jacks and think gameplay favors them.  So, what do you Warmachine-ers think?  What's the safest bet? 

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Scrap Square said...

In a mangled metal settin the shooty knockdown kreoss list does VERY well.

In normal tournament settings (not MM) he also does well but not as much and I would recommend the horde approach.

But this is warmachine and any amount of synergy can be used (with enough skill) to pull off a win.

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