Tuesday, December 20, 2011

pKreoss and pSeverius Done!

So, I mentioned a few days back that I have been bitten by the Warmahordes bug.  Namely, the Warmachine faction, Protectorate of Menoth. I happened into a old-school, all metal starter box + Severius.  After getting my hands on the rules, I have decided to give Menoth a try.  Thus, I have started out by painting up Kreoss and Severius.  Here they are.

 As you can see, I am going with a fairly traditional color scheme, though I have eschewed the more purple tones for a deep red.  I like it a lot. 

I really think the grays in Severius' cloak looks pretty sweet, especially on from a tabletop perspective. 

My main disappointment with the models is the gold.  I don't know if my antique gold from Reaper is old, but it came out kind of gloppy.  Oh well.  Overall, I am pretty pleased with these guys.  I can't wait to have them leading massive engines of death across the table. 

As for that, right now I am going to maximize my lists with the units I have.  My first step is to add min sized Choir of Menoth and a Vassal of Menoth.  I am going to start out with pKreoss until I get the hang of things as I think his feat will give me a better advantage as a beginner.  So, this is what I'm looking at.



To the best of my understanding using the scant amount of rules knowledge I have recently gleaned, I am hoping to range out my revenger and crusader as my forward attackers.  They will be backed by the choir.  The revenger will also allow me to get the odd offensive spell off around turn 2-3 using its arc node.  The repenter will hang close to Kreoss until I can get into position for his feat.  Then using the Vassal, I will use him to clear out infantry and other models that have been knocked down by the feat while the crusader and revenger go for armor. 

So, ehh.  I am sure it will all fall apart being that I haven't actually played a game yet, but it sounds like fun. 

My future plans include either flameguard or exemplar errants and a vanquisher.  Eventually, I would like to get the fire of salvation as it is a totally sweet model and is pretty wicked when played with pKreoss.

That's it for now.  Thanks for listening as GtG makes the jump to Privateer Press!

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