Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's Your Coolest Unit

We all know by now the units that are seen as competitive and effective, the ones that are purely fluffy and generally play like crap on the table, and the ones that fall somewhere in between.  I get that.  In my last article, G-dubbin' it Throwback Style, I talked about playing some old school Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and how fun it has been of late. All those little CG marines got me thinking of what I thought would be the coolest unit/model I own is in wholistic terms, i.e. how it looks, is portrayed in the fluff, and is played.  After thinking for a bit, it occurred to me that perhaps the coolest unit I own and have played has to be Black Templar Assault Terminators.  First, though I am probably biased, my BT assault terminators look great.  They are one of the better paint jobs I did early on.  Next, they are absolute beasts on the tabletop.  Combine army-wide preferred enemy and the purchase-able furious charge skill and you have some absolute beasts.  If only we could get them FNP as well!  All things aside, these guys beat face and do so well.  They are an auto-include in most BT lists and are simply amazing. 

So, what's your "coolest unit"?  What unit meets all of your criteria for simply being awesome? Share with us.  Give links to the models if you have them.  I would be anxious to see others' example of what rocks about this game. 

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Bahz said...

I'm fond of my Dark eldar Grotesque unit.

Urien Rkarth
Haemonculus - liquifier, agonizer
Grotesque - aberation, flesh gauntlet
Grotesque - liquifier

I use a couple of conversions: IoB rat ogres for the two standard grotesques and a plastic daemon prince for the grotesque aberation. They all have talos masks and bits to give them that defiled dark eldar daemon theme.

It's fun, a great wrecking crew.

Bahz said...

I put up a post with a pic of what I'm doing for the grotesques.


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