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Warmachine and Horde Resources

I have had some awesome responses to my request for Warmachine and Hordes resources.  I am really thankful for such a great community of readers!  It was so good, I decided to provide a totally new post for this so that it can be added to my Warmachine and Hordes Articles page.  Without further ado, here we go.

Army Creation Resources

Forward Kommander- A simple point and click army creation application. You can also register online (I haven't done this as of writing this update) which I assume lets you save your armies for later use. Great site!

iBodger- This is actually a mobile app for both apple and android devices. It is sweet! I have the apple version. It allows you to build armies for both Warmachine and Hordes and save multiple armies. It also has pictures of each unit/model in their entry. Furthermore, it links to Battle College (see below) to provide information about every model in the game! Other features include a simple picture dictionary of all models, a collection tracker where you keep a tally of the models you have and get points for your collection, and a reference section which includes definitions for in-game terms.  This is a sweet app if you have a mobile device that can handle it.

Tactical/Information Resources

Battle College- What can I say here?  Battle College is a compendium of all things Warmachine and Hordes. From individual unit articles to tactics articles to rules reviews, Battle College has it all.  On top of that, BC is a wiki which means it is constantly being overseen and worked on by a variety of community members to improve the quantity and quality of its information.  This is huge and it will only get better with time.  Once you know what you want to do with Warmachine or Hordes, come here.

The Iron Agenda Blogging Network- This is a great resource.  You can come here and look up blog articles based on gaming system and faction.  That aside, there are links dedicated to battle reports, tournaments and events, and painting and modelling advice.  Top it all off with a robust blog roll to peruse when you have time.

Hand Cannon Online- A blog set apart.  HCO is devoted primarily to tactics articles for Warmachine and Hordes.  The stuff I have seen look really well written and super useful, especially for new players.  Check it out.

Privateer Press Forums- Many may naysay, but I am going to add it here.  I have truly enjoyed the Protectorate of Menoth community forum.  From unit reviews to tournament battle reports, this is a good resource.  The information may be more elementary, but what more could a noob need?  If you are starting your trek into Privateer Press gaming, check out the forum, it can be useful.


Chain Attack- If you like listening to podcasts in your free time and don't have a problem visualizing what's going on, then Chain Attack is for you. Each episode is a new battle report detailing how various armies are used and the ultimate outcomes of the battles.  If you want to get better at any wargame, watch game and learn from others.  This is a great stop. 

I hope to add to this list as time goes on, but for now, here it is.  Thanks especially to Skanderbeg, Sgt. Brisbane, and Gigawatts for the desire to help out a noob and the greater community of gamers out there. 

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Gigawatts said...

I fogot to add, make sure that you are on the MkII version of BattleCollege and not the MKI (Old) version. I somehow stumple upon the old wiki in my travels every now and then.

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