Thursday, February 9, 2012

Menoth Choir Ready for Action

I have been fortunate to really get quite a bit of work done on my Menoth stuff this week.  I started the week with working on my Choir and now have them complete.  My full unit of Temple Flameguard is receiving its finishing touches, and I was able to whip up my 3 Wracks (pun totally intended there).

When I finally get everything based and finished, I will have added 15 models to my completed models count.  I'm totally stoked about that. 

In other news, I followed my own advice this past week and got rid of minis I wasn't going to finish over at Bartertown and used them to subsidize further expansion of my Menoth Crusade.  If you take a look at my sidebar you will note that I now only need a single Errant UA to complete the things I currently need to make my 50pt. Harby list, and now, my 50pt. eKreoss Tier 4 list.  I'm super stoked about those two lists and think they will bring two sides to my strategy in regards to handling infantry or large models. 

Anyway, I'm done talking about all of that for the time being.  Here are a couple shots of my choir.  I'm happy with how they turned out.  Let me know know what you think.

So here's the choir arrayed in its splendor.  I really like the interplay between the red and white.  It really makes my models pop.  The bluish grey tones of my bases help a lot too.
Here's a close up of the leader, Pavorati (sp?).  Again, I'm really happy with how it all turned out.  They are an auto include in most lists, so it was common sense to go ahead and get them done.

With these guys and my soon to be finished Flameguard, I will be able to field a 25pt. pKreoss list.  It looks like this:

- Crusader
- Reckoner
- Repenter

Min choir
Max Flameguard + UA

Nothing special, and honestly, it will probably suck, but it will give me a fully painted army to play around with for a bit.  I'm super excited to kick some butt and light some fires!

Stay tuned for images and updates on my Flameguard and Wracks.

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