Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reader list help

Just like a kid in the toy aisle of your local Wal-Mart, working on my new Lord of the Thunderhooves "toy" and playing with my Space Wolves has really gotten me in the mood to work on a thunderwolf list.  I have had a lot of recent success with my razorspam list and am fairly confident in building that type of list.  However, the thunderwolf list is a bit different.  For some reason, I just can't get a list that sits right with me.  Let me show you what I have come up with currently. 

Lord of the Thunderhooves!(Wolflord)- thunderwolf mount, runic armor,wolf claw, storm shield, saga of the warrior born, meltabombs- 255pt.
Rune Priest- chooser of the slain, living lightning, jaws of the world wolf- 110pt.

Wolf Scouts- meltagun- 85pt.
4 Wolf Guard- All with combi-melta/bolt pistol- 92pt.

9 Grey Hunters- meltagun, powerfist, wolf standard, rhino- 210pt.
9 Grey Hunters- meltagun, powerfist, wolf standard, rhino- 210pt.
8 Grey Hunters- meltagun, powerfist, wolf standard, rhino- 195pt.

2 Thunderwolf Cav- 1x powerfist/storm shield, 1x ccw/storm shield/meltabombs- 190pt.
2 Thunderwolf Cav- 1x powerfist/storm shield, 1x ccw/storm shield- 185pt.

5 Longfangs- 4x missiles, heavy bolter razorback-155pt.
5 Longfangs- 4x missiles, heavy bolter razorback-155pt.
5 Longfangs- 4x missiles, heavy bolter razorback-155pt.


So, here's how I envision this working.  First, opposite of my razorspam list, this is very much an aggressive list.  It wants to cross the field and handle things up close.  The three rhinos and grey hunters will move forward with thunderwolf support. Initially, I see the Lord sitting in one of the units until they get closer to enemy lines when he will split off and handle things on his own.  I didn't have the points for the fenrisians on him, so I thought this would be an okay option for protecting him.  This basically means that each rhino squad will get an attached thunderwolf element (2 units of cav and the lord).  The scouts and longfangs do what they do, disrupting my opponents' armor. I added heavy bolter razorbacks for some additional suppressive fire.  They seem to be coming back in vogue lately and I thought I would try them out.  They will be my long range to midfield support element, hopefully using cover to help protect from return fire and possibly contesting objectives late in the game if they survive and I need them to. 

There you have the overall strategy.  What do you think?  As mentioned, it doesn't exactly sit well with me.  That's why I need your input.  Is the list decent?  Does it suck?  Do you have other ideas?  I would love to see some posted list ideas in the comments section.  Here are my caveats.  Everything else is up for grabs but these things. 

1) There has to be a thunderwolf lord.  He has to have warrior born.  I just think this makes an epic, superkilly character. Weapon loadouts are optional, though I think the wolf claw brings added insurance for kills over most of the other weapons due to rerolls where you need them. 

2) I only have 4 other thunderwolf cav.  I know that limits things a bit.  I can't run double lords with 5 cav to lead each. Unfortunately, I am just not there yet. 

If you think you can help put together a better list, please help!  I would love to get some input.  Just post your thoughts and possible lists in the comments section.  Thanks.

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AbusePuppy said...

-Why are the Power Fists on the Grey Hunters and not on the Wolf Guard? You get a free attack at no cost, as best I can tell.

-The Meltabombs on the Thunderwolf could probably be better used on the WG who goes with the Scouts.

-At 2000pts, four TWC is not very many at all. You're spending a lot of points on Storm Shields, but weight of fire will still bring you down (3+ and 3++ succeed just as often, and you'll have 4+ cover usually anyways.) You could drop the Shields and add an extra member to each squad and then some.

-I think HB Razors are points poorly spent. Upgrade them to LasPlas or leave them at home.

-JotWW is a subpar power. Tempest's Wrath and Murderous Hurricane are both much better.

-I prefer Frost Blade over Wolf Claws on my Lord, but the difference is pretty minimal, especially if you're taking the Storm Shield. You may want to try and find points for a Wolftail Talisman, though, so you're assured of hitting on 3s at all times.

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