Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wishes Really Do Come True

I wrote a post two days ago about how I had certain models that I would love to paint.  You can check that article, Next Top Model, out.  I also mentioned that I hoped to find a good deal on one or more of the models pictured someday and to be able to paint them.  As luck turns, out fleabay granted me a golden ticket. 

I guess that I will need to add "Harlequin Troupe" to my list of painting projects. I am really excited about coming up with a decent basing scheme and working out the details of these models. Now if only I could find a cheap nurgle daemon prince and some incubi to paint, my wishlist would be complete.

Other cool models:
Blood Angel Librarian Complete
What a difference a base can make
Stormraven Complete.....well almost

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Student Teacher said...

How much did you score it for? The Harlies are pretty cool even if they are filthy xenos. :)

Dave said...

I got them on a lark for about 65% of MSRP. Not too bad. Yeah, I don't think I am going to ever play Eldar. I just want to paint them minis.

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