Friday, October 7, 2011

GtG Community Spotlight: A Plague Spreads

As I randomly perused my list of followers to do my next community spotlight, let me convey my surprise to find a blog by a writer named Plague Marine, called A Plague Spreads only to see something that delighted me to no end: Black Templars. 

A Plague Spreads is the blog of writer Plague Marine.  His blog description is: "My place to talk 40K - hobby projects, the Aussie community, unit analysis, list-fu and alternative rules."

So, yeah.  I was surprised that most of the articles on the front page were Black Templar related, and pretty well written as well.  I especially liked the unique look at the FAQ update and an interesting take on a Terminator Pod list.

Of interest on this blog, I found a string of posts called Squad Smackdowns. Basically, Plague Marine has done theortical matchups between units to apply mathhammer predictions to real world dice throwing.  These are pretty interesting and provide some interesting insights into how we think various units and armies match up.  Very cool.

Oh and yeah, there are some Chaos Marine articles as well. 

The bottom line: Plague Marine has a sweet little blog and is doing some cool stuff on it.  I love the Black Templar articles and find them thought provoking and somewhat inspiring.  They make me want to take up the crusade again.  His Squad Smackdown posts are also of great interest and really provide food for thought in how we imagine squad interactions to occur via mathhammer versus how they may just work out on the table top.  Take a look at this blog, you will find something you like.  In the end, the only plague I can see spreading on PM's blog is a plague of awesome. 

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