Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick Terminator Question

courtesy of GW
So, in three weekends, I am going into my second ill. Crap.  I got my flu shot today and it is kicking my butt.  I have had these things for years with nary a problem and all of a sudden, my body is like, "Nope, not today."

That aside, a thought occurred to me.  I love terminators.  They are awesome models (especially the Space Hulk ones).  I love everything about the idea of terminators.  That said, most armies have a fairly straightforward way of playing terminators. Well, I was thinking about them in regards to my Templar Wolves.  What is a recommended loadout for a Space Wolf terminator unit.  You don't see them that often because wolf guard get split out to other units and because they aren't the most cost effective way to build a hammer in a Space Wolf Army.  Still, I want some input from you SW players. What does a decent terminator unit look like? Mixed shooting/combat?  All shooting + heavy weapons with just basic power weapons?  All combat with hammers and claws?  I am kind of at a loss as our terminator units are far more customizable than most and no one really takes just a terminator unit, though I know Loganwing exists. 

There you go.  Do my homework for me.  Let me know your ideas.  Thanks!

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Thomas said...

Well I usually run my Wolf G Termies in groups of 5. Usually I opt for all close combat with a punch. Shooting I leave to the rest of the army. My standard config is 2 w/ TH/SS and 3 w/ 2x Wolf Claws. I also give one of the WC Termies the cyclone launcher.

That way, if my opponent opts for MSU, i'll split the cyclone off to join the Long Fangs, thus committing a 4 man death bomb to drop on the largest unit i can find.

If i keep the Cyclone launcher in, its purely to provide cover fire against the nearest enemy threat, since i'll have to wait a turn to engage in hand to hand.

Student Teacher said...

I am about to start putting my Terminators together and I have been thinking the same thing. I recently have been looking back at some stuff from the Space Wolf blog. Some of the good ones I've found are.

Dave said...

Those are some great suggestions, guys.

I really like the idea of combi-plasmas and a mix of chain fists and storm shields. Perhaps something like:

5 Terminators-

2 with chain fist and storm shield
2 with combi-plasma and wolf claw
1 with combi-plasma, wolf claw, and cyclone missile launcher

Unfortunately, this is 280pt. which just seems to inefficient points-wise. Otherwise, it can kill elites with the plasma and krak missiles and munch through vehicles with the chain fists. While it doesn't look at as cool, the chain fist/storm shield seems to be far more functional than a thunder hammer/storm shield setup. Thanks for the comments, guys.

AbusePuppy said...

I run a Terminator-heavy BA list, and your best bet to take advantage of them is to use their flexibility; while kitting them out to be combat specialists or ranged specialists will end up costing you a pretty penny, just keeping them versatile is pretty cheap and gives you a unit that may not be the best at anything, they'll be better than whatever they're fighting at _something_. Try something like:

5 Terminators, 1 Cyclone Missile Launcher, 1 Chainfist, 2 Combi-Melta

(Combi-Meltas can be dropped if you have extensive Melta elsewhere in your list.)

What the above squad does is pretty simple: It's reasonably cheap, reasonably shoot, and more than most units want to tangle with in CC. If it sees some Assault Terminators, it can retreat while shooting and cause enough casualties to win the eventual confrontation. If it sees Tau/IG, it can advance while firing to full effect. It weapons are effective in both CC and at range against a broad variety of targets- don't be fooled, five bolt weapons + missiles really starts to add up casualties even against Marines, especially when they're taking saves on Sarges and special troopers.

(The Chainfist, although pricey, is there to insure that MCs, Dreadnoughts, etc, cannot just mow through the squad. It also provides some extra options when multi-charging into someone's lines.)

Thomas said...

Dave, IMHO, I would steer away from combi-weaps on your Termies.

Granted, this all depends on how you want to use them. I think giving a Termie only 1 Wolf claw severely shortens their CC ability, given what Wolf Claws do, not taking them in pairs can really bite you in the rear so to speak.

If you were going to go with something to compliment a combi-weap, i'd just go with the chainfists.

I personally only give combi weaps to WG in PA, but thats just me. TDA has so much more use than just a combi weap platform.

And I know the TH/SS combo is pricey, but i tend to use my termies as a catch all, in case I need to deal with a MC, or hard armor unit. Having that stun ability on the hammer gives me more time for the claws to dispatch my target if I botch my attacks rolls the first time around.

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