Thursday, January 5, 2012

Need Warmachine and Hordes Resources

As I collect and prep my army for its crusading, I am really trying my best to make sure I do the research so that I lessen the severity of the learning curve for the game.  That said, I have a few nagging issues with trying to become a competent, competitive player.

#1- Apparently, between all factions in Warmachine and Hordes there are easily something like 120 warcasters and warlocks.  Since each warcaster or warlock determines how a list will play and which units are included, there is a lot of knowledge a player has to have to make good decisions when dealing with various matchups.  The very fact that there are 120 unique characters with their own sets of spells, special abilites, and feats is enormously daunting.

#2- Competitive play, usually comprised of a player having 2+ lists to play requires so much knowledge about all the other factions, I am at a loss for how best to research each without shelling out money for cards and books. 

This is where I need help from you folks out there reading this.  Where can I get good information on the various caster/warlocks and factions.  Again, I want to do research and be a decent-ish (or at least not annoyingly ignorant) player from the outset and that takes resources. 

I know of Privateer Press' forums, which are fairly decent, but where else can I go for more information.  Are there other more useful forums?  Are there some quality blogs with ample amounts of information?  Please leave any links or advice in the comments.  I am also hoping secretly that I can add this to my Warmachine the Way I See It series as a catalog of resources for other players. 

So, to sum up, PLEASE HELP.  Thanks!

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Skanderbeg said...
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Skanderbeg said...

There's Battle College, in my opinion the single best gaming resource of any game. The Iron Agenda Blog Network and of course there's Forward Kommander for list building. Also sorry about the comment above I'm not sure what happened.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Yea, I have to agree with Skanderbeg, The Battle College is awesome. It's very helpful.

I've also been listening to podcasts of late, Chain Attack being my favorite.

Dave said...

It's funny that you both mention Battle College as I have the iBodger app on my iPod touch. I will check it out.

@Sgt. Brisbane- Could mention some other podcasts you listen to? I downloaded a few episode from Chain Attack to check it out. Thanks!

Gigawatts said...


I will third BattleCollege. For lists, I like to use It will let you see the costs of other books lists and tiers. Finally, for blogs, both hobby and tactics, I find useful.

I suggest using anything, but the Privateer Press forums for tactics. I rarely find solid advice on that board, sadly. Plenty of goodness in the Painting/Modeling section, though.

Dave said...

Thanks so much for these comments! I am going to edit the post above and add them in. Thanks so much!

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