Monday, January 23, 2012

Reckoner Finished and a Goal

So, we're staring January 23rd dead in the eye as it passes us by.  Statistics show that most people don't make it to February with New Year's resolutions.  So, how do you keep those promises?  I have found the best thing to do is announce your intention publicly...or at least semi-publicly.  Letting others know about your goals provides a bit more motivation to pursue and accomplish them.  For one reason, no one likes to admit they failed, so sharing a goal with others instills in us not only a desire to finish, but also a fear of having to tell others that we didn't.  Fear of failure can be a great motivator.  Ask any professional athlete. 

Sharing goals also gets us encouragement.  My wife is a good wife.  She encourages me in lots of the things I do, even my hobbying.  I know that's pretty amazing, but it's a reality in our household.  That is awesome.  People can also share strategies to help you reach your goal.  If you are really struggling with a certain aspect of your goal, getting the input of others can really help you overcome those challenges.

So, I guess I would encourage anyone out there reading this to announce your intentions today.  If you are already feeling your desire to paint that army, start a new army, get into a game, etc. flagging, let others know about it.

That said, I have kind of decided in my head not to play a game of Warmachine with my Menoth army until I have it painted.  I have been working pretty diligently in-between commission jobs to get my models done.  You saw my unit of Temple Flameguard in my last post.  Now I want to introduce you to my Reckoner.  I'm pretty pleased with this dude.

His mace and cannon are just sick looking.  I would not want to run into this warjack.  I am a bit miffed that his stacks appear to be a bit off kilter.  I bought him second hand and who knows, he was probably dropped. 
As I was taking these pictures, I really began to understand the bulk and gravity of this model.  He is even bigger than my Crusader (which you can see down below).  The white was a bit more intimidating on the Reckoner because his top plate has such a large area of white on it. 
There's that cannon.  I love the piston drive/release valve on the back.  This model is just cool.
Here's the whole gang.  pSeverius and pKreoss are in the front.  On the far side are my Revenger and Repenter.  You can also see my Vassal on the right.  In the back are my Crusader and Reckoner and my Flameguard are in the middle.
Another angle that let's you get a better glimpse of the Flameguard.  I'm really happy with how the army with coming out right now.  I am excited, too, to get to work on the Avatar and The Harbinger.  Right now, I can put together roughly a 25pt. painted army with either pSevvy or pKreoss.  It isn't too good, though.  I really need to paint up my Choir next.  If I can get them and the Avatar painted in a week or so, I will have an easy 35pt. worth of models to take and play with. 

Notice that along with my declaration in this post, I am going to keep an updated listing of what I have, what I need, and what I need to paint. Just today I got a full unit of Knights Exemplar. I'm really excited to get them painted and let them serve as an infantry based counterattack unit.  I (hopefully) have some Wracks and a second Vassal coming too, so lots is happening, but I am sticking to my guns.  I want to have those two 50pt. lists ready to go by summer.

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