Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twins Painted: Repenter and Revenger Warjacks

Well folks, I'm back with some more additions to my Protectorate of Menoth army.  This marks the completion of all the models that come with the starter set battlegroup.  I started by painting up pKreoss (an pSeverius though here isn't part of the starter box) followed by the Crusader.  Now I present to you my Repenter and Revenger light warjacks.

I'm really beginning to like this white on red scheme.  My models are taking on a slightly cleaner white than I think Menoth models are intended too, but they still look good in my opinion.  I am using the following to achieve the white.  Basecoat of GW foundation Khemri Brown, 2nd layer Reaper Master Series Aged Bone, 3rd layer Reaper Master Series Polished Bone, final layer Reaper Master Series Pure White. 

I also tried my hand at painting the menofix free hand on the revengers head plate.  Let me know what you think about it. 
Here's a side view.  I really like the shield on the revenger.  The heavy edging with all of its adornment is really steampunk looking  I'm seeing that everywhere.  Nuts, bolts, etc. really give these models some character.

Other side.  Not much to show here.  You can see subtle variations between the two jacks here, but also the similarities that their supposed same chassis bears.

And here are all of the warjacks in the battle box.  Revenger and Repenter up front and big brother Crusader in the back. 

So, does the color scheme look Menite enough? I know the fluff material shows colors more towards purple and the white is a bit dingier, but I was hoping this would be just different enough.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Up next for my army will be a vassal of menoth and a ten man unit of temple flameguard.  Look for those in a week or two.

So, painting Privateer Press' models is extremely fun.  They are just different enough in style to really be refreshing since I normally paint only GW stuff.  I also have the privilege of getting to paint up some Hell Dorado, Malifaux, and Gamezone miniatures with an new commission of mine.  I hope to show those off in the near future. 

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