Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Avatar Cometh!!

That's right folks, despite going out of town, getting a stomach bug, and making up a lot of work due to aforementioned stomach bug, I was able to finish my Avatar of Menoth.  This guy is a stud.  He is the Menite beater jack.  With an impressive ARM 21 and a POW 19 stubby sword (yeah, not a big fan of the length of this thing), the jack can go to town on most anything.  If you back him up with a choir and can cast defender's ward on him, you are looking at a ARM 23/POW 21 monster!  Top it off with the fact that he generates his own focus and will always have at least 2 focus (D3+1) and you have quite the addition to any Menite army.  Suffice to say that I have been stoked to get to work on this model and get him tabletop ready.  So, without further ado, here is Menoth's chosen instrument of destruction.

A front view of "the Dude".  He has a suitably imposing bulk though I feel his torso is a bit narrow.  I like the hunkered down pose.  It makes me feel as if the jack is about to leap into action. 
I'm really pleased with the paint job on his sword, but I am just not happy with the sword itself.  It really needs some added length, but I am not good enough to add that length and make the sword look decent.  I have seen a whole bunch of conversions that make the sword look great....and they make me envious. 
Rear view.  Not much to be said here.  I do like a good contrast between the white plating on the model's armor/hull and the metallic steam engine pieces in the back.  It's a good contrast.
And the shield. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  Adding the glowing effects in the center of the menofix really makes it pop.  You might notice here and on that sword that I added blue gems.  I really think this helps balance out the red in the model. 

Well, I have to take a break from painting my models for a bit so that I can do a couple of commission jobs, but my next few projects for my Menoth army will include a few more support pieces like the Covenant of Menoth and the beginnings of my Exemplar horde.  I'm super stoked!

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