Friday, January 13, 2012

Vassal of Menoth Complete

I am about to start a new commission so I wanted to get another model in before that started.  Thus, I thought a Vassal of Menoth would be a quick and easy paint job.  There isn't much special to this guy paint-wise, though I do like the mask and manacles.  In all of Privateer Press' stock photography, his mask and manacles are grimy and oily from working on warjacks.  I tried to replicate this in my own model.  Here are the results of my quick job.

The only thing I'm not stoked about is the basing.  I didn't paint the flocking on the ground black before drybrushing it the GW foundations Fenris Grey and Astronomican Grey that I am doing for the bases and I think it shows.  I will probably need to go back and repaint the base.  Otherwise, I am quite pleased with him.  I can picture him following my Reckoner and Vanquisher around allowing them a nice ancillary attack shot when I need it. 

Thanks for reading.

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